5 Products 5 awards

The Santa Catarina Cannery Industry recently won five awards at the 3rd National Competition for Canned Fish , held in Santarém.

The Azorean canning won awards with all products submitted to the competition , including the most important event that distinguishes “Best of Best” with Tuna Fillet in Olive Oil with Fennel Seed.

The award, given to the ‘gourmet’ product of Santa Catarina in a contest in which they had great quality products , exalts Tuna Fillet in Olive Oil with Fennel Seed as “canned greater excellence”.

In addition to this award, given after an assessment of a jury in a blind tasting of 19 samples from various Portuguese canning, Santa Catarina has won two gold medals with the Tuna Fillet in Organic Olive Oil 250g in glass jar and the Tuna Fillet with mediterranean sauce.

The Azorean canning also won two silver medals with Tuna Fillet in Olive Oil with Fennel herb and Tuna Paté with Oregano.

The main prize for Santa Catarina gives the right to a free ‘stand’ at the National Agriculture Fair, which will take place in Santarém , 7-15 of June.

The company Santa Catarina was identified in April 2013, as a ” brand that creates added value for the country” under the project inspires Portugal , an initiative that aims to promote Portuguese brands and products.

This project, which has created a platform for the identification of national products and services that create added value for the country , aims to bring to the attention of the Portuguese and high quality products that are often not identified as national services and thereby cause a consumption aware that reflects the development of the economy .